Harry Potter Fabric Masks
Harry Potter Fabric Masks
Harry Potter Fabric Masks

Harry Potter Fabric Masks

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Accio! All Harry Potter fans! this is a mask you do not want to miss.

Harry Potter Fabric Masks in different designs:

  • Harry Potter Specs (Sold Out)
  • Deathly Hallows (Sold Out)
  • Harry Potter Chibi
  • Harry Potter Red
  • Harry Potter White
  • Harry Potter Blue
  • Harry Potter Logo
  • Stain Glass
  • Marauder's Map

All masks are handmade and slow-made.


  • Seamless Design, to show full uncut fabric
  • Three Layer fabric construction with filter slot pocket
  • Washable / Reusable / Breathable
  • Slot for removable nose bridge wire, for easy laundering
  • Nose bridge wire, for better fit and closure
  • Adjustable Earloop

Mask Size:
Men: approx. 14cm x 22cm
Ladies: approx. 13cm x 20cm
Kids: approx. 10cm x 16cm

Care Instructions:

  • Wash Before Use
  • Use hand soap and rinse thoroughly
  • Dry Completely before next use

*Please note:
These are made to order (pre-order) items. Current Lead time is 2 weeks